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The art of the Upper East Tower is its main distinctive element. We are honored to have Antonio Murzi’s and Diana Morgan’s private collection, one of the most important family collections in the region, which main focus is the global street art movement known for being a reference for human development that speaks in a colorful and irreverent way about the democratization of art. This space will be in continuous transformation with the art pieces rotating over time and thus reaffirming the “alive” feel of the building.

The common areas were designed to house this prestigious collection maximizing the open spaces with more spaciousness, luminosity and flexibility turning the whole concept into a clear reference of Panama´s cultural scene.

Culture is the key component of a life well lived. So being surrounded by it is the ultimate gift.


The MMG Tower and the Upper East Tower constitute the majority of a city block and will be urbanistically stitched together by continuous sidewalks, plazas and retail. Carefully designed landscaping and curated art will create an integrated atmosphere like no other in Panama City.


The MMG Center will host one of Panama´s first culinary halls, which will become a top community gathering destination for gastronomy and social connectivity.

The Collection

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